We're creating an encouraging community for Catholic women from all walks of life.

Know your worth, find your joy!


Founded by Danielle Bean, Girlfriends Community is a place for Catholic women to connect, encourage, and support one another in Catholic living. 

Women of all stages of life are welcome to join us. Married, single, moms or not ... we have so much to learn from one another!

Have you ever tried to find community on social media? It's not easy, right? 

Incessant ads, divisive arguments, and people with bad intentions can destroy a good community fast.

Girlfriends is different because we are an invested community. 

Led by Danielle Bean, with an authentic tone and positive spirit, our members are committed to fostering genuine friendships and nurturing community connection.

Catholic living is uniquely challenging. You shouldn't have to do it alone! 

When you join Girlfriends Community, you'll instantly connect with women from all walks of life who are committed to encouraging and supporting one another in our Catholic faith and family lives. 

Our community needs the gift of your presence and your unique perspective. Your support makes it possible for us to build an invested, encouraging, authentic community for Catholic women.