Marnie Quintanilla

Frequently Asked Questions

Before trying to find the answer to your question here, be sure you have read the Race Instructions


What is an Amazing Race?

The original Amazing Race is a reality television show. Contestants on the show race around the world in race legs made up of physical or mental challenges, solving clues, and navigating through foreign areas. Teams on the show are eliminated at various times throughout, with the winning team arriving at a final Pit Stop and winning a large cash prize. The Girlfriends Amazing Race is loosely based on this television show. You can expect to receive clues throughout the day and drive to many different locations to complete various challenges, culminating in a final Pit Stop where we fellowship together, eat dinner, and receive a word of encouragement from Marnie.


What is the purpose of the Girlfriends Amazing Race?

The purpose of the GAR is simply for women to have a whole day, or a big chunk of one, to get together with other women, fellowship, laugh, play, and in many cases step outside their comfort zones. We want women to laugh and, yes, to cry if they need to. We want to create an event that communicates the deep joy found in serving God. We know women are built for friendship and need it deeply. We hope the fellowship and laughter of this event helps open up weary hearts to receive the message of love and hope from a God who is ever in pursuit of them.


How old do I have to be to participate?

Participants must be 18 years old.


When is registration cut-off?

The absolute final time you can register is March 28th from 2pm-4pm at the Gracepoint Connection Center.


Do I have to have a team?

You must participate with a team. However, you do not have to register with a team. You may register as an individual and let us assign you to a team. When you register, just be sure to specify whether you are registering as an individual or as a team. Teams registering must register all of their members together at one time and pay for the whole team with one transaction.


Do I have to attend GracePoint church to participate?

Absolutely not. In fact, we really hope lots of women from outside GracePoint will participate. It doesn’t matter if you go to GracePoint, attend a different church, or never go to church at all. Everybody is welcome.


What if I can’t physically participate in some challenges?

The GAR is intended to be fun. Yes, there will likely be some competitive women there, but our goal is not to create a competition. We are mindful of different ages, stages, and physical abilities. We have tried to build into the race allowances for those who might not be able to do specific challenges. In some cases, your team may take a time penalty and in others you may be able to choose 2-3 members from your team to complete the challenge. If in doubt, simply tell the volunteers stationed throughout the race and they will know what to do.


What if I register, but then can’t make it on race day?

You should try to find somebody to fill your spot on your team. We are cannot giving refunds this year. The race requires non-reimbursable expenses, such as supplies and a catered dinner.


Why does the race cost more this year?

The bulk of the difference in the cost is because we are catering dinner this year, where last year each woman was responsible to pay for her dinner individually. The in-person registration is $10 more than the Early Bird online registration because most of our ordering must be done with enough time to allow for shipping. This means that we will have to pay for expedited shipping on any extra supplies we must order. Plus, we just really want to encourage earlier and online registration!


What is included in the cost?

Your registration cost covers all expenses for the race, including anything pertaining specifically to the race which you may or may not have to pay for throughout the race. It also includes dinner at the final Pit Stop. Your registration fee does not cover: gas for your team’s designated vehicle, lunch, snacks, or drinks throughout the day.


Will there be any additional expenses not covered by my registration fee?

No. Again, your team will be responsible for your daytime snacks, drinks, and meals, as well as gas for your team’s designated vehicle.


Do I need to have a smartphone?

At least one person from your team must have a smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, just be sure someone on your team does.


Are there prizes for the winning team?

We are not giving prizes to the winning team this year. However, we are giving away door prizes at the final Pit Stop.


I missed Early Bird Registration. How do I register?

Visit the registration page and click on In-Person Registration.  Download and print the registration form, the Liability Release form, and the Photo release forms. Fill out the forms, sign and date where needed, and bring them to In-Person registration. Remember, if registering as a team, each team member must sign their own releases (one of each release for each team member). In-Person registration is on Saturday, March 28th from 2pm-4pm at the GracePoint Connection Center in Portland.


Does my entire team have to go to In-Person Registration?

No. One team member may handle the registration for your whole team. She just needs to be sure that she has a completed registration form, complete with contact info for each team member; Signed and dated Liability and Photo releases from each team member; and payment for the whole team.