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with Marnie Quintanilla

with Marnie Quintanilla


imperfect women






About Girlfriends' Community

What I'm really nuts about is getting women together outside the walls of the church.  I think as the pace of our culture increases the needs of its women also evolve.  The days of quilting circles and ice cream socials seem to have faded in the rearview mirror.  Yet the need to truly connect with other women, form strong bonds, open our lives up to others, and share the day to day ups and downs hasn't disappeared.


These past couple years I've had the unbelievably fulfilling experience of opening up my home and being invited into the homes of others to visit, eat, and dig into the Word together.  Lots of churches are still trying, many unsuccessfully, to figure out how to get people to walk through the doors of their building and hopefully decide to join.  But to my surprise I've discovered if I just invite people into my home to share a cup of coffee and show them I'm genuinely interested in what's going on in their lives, they'll come!  They'll sit and talk.  They'll ask questions.  And they'll answer mine.  And before I knew it, women from all walks of life were saying "yes" to Jesus.


So, I removed the now-traditional Bible study rules and the result was loud meetings, with children running in and out, smokers on the front porch, lots of laughter, lots of tears, and lots of raw reality.  No childcare.  Piercings and tattoos allowed.  Foul language overlooked.  No shunning the sinners.  And it's been the most fun I've ever had at church!


My hope is to see through this ministry many, many other small groups of women, like the ones I've been part of recently, form and meet one another's needs.  I want us to create an atmosphere in our groups of openness, uncompromising honesty, and a desire to pursue God above all things.  Above all, I long to see women who don't feel like they belong "in church" find a place of acceptance.  Not a place to ignore the need to change, but a place to surrender the broken pieces to Jesus and embrace the new life He offers.  I long to see them come to Jesus, or come to Jesus again.  My great dream is to be in the middle of it, arm in arm with women who just can't seem to get to the finish line on their own.  After all, I'm one of them.


Marnie Quintanilla is the founder of Girlfriends' Community, a women's ministry whose goal is to see imperfect women passionately pursuing Jesus together.  Marnie writes, blogs, and mentors women needing encouragement and discipleship.  Marnie is the author of Shaken Jar Syndrome, a women's group Bible study designed to help women find purpose and promise in the midst of turmoil.


Marnie has served in many areas of church ministry, including teaching a married couple's Sunday school class and a staff position as Children's Ministry Director.  She and her husband were small business owners for many years, though they recently relocated to the Coastal Bend region of Texas with their three children, where Marnie homeschools and their family relishes the beach lifestyle.


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